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What is bugtracker and how it will work? Please explain it.

Joshua Dickerson:
Click the bug tracker link in the original post.

Without bumping all the topics (if you prefer so let me know), here it is a list of what I've found.

These that are still valid:

* max "size" images for post overrides with max size for signature => it could be considered a bug, but also a feature (in case it's better to specify in the documentation)
* Custom profiles showing in members profile improperly => still valid
* BBCode inside [PHP]...[ / PHP] block => still valid
* Editing date on calendar item splits it from post => still valid bumped with possible fix
* getHolidayRange in Subs-Calendar.php BUG and FIX => still valid
* Minor inconsistency in PersonalMessage.Template => still valid
* Quick login does not remember last page properly => still valid
* Remove Inactive Members bug => still valid bumped with possible fix
* Substring problems in Greek language => still valid as per Illori's postIf someone already knows if they are tracked in mantis I would not bother to search... :P

And these that seems to be fixed or not bugs:

* Don't allow post text in notifications doesn't function => not a bug (even if it could be a possible improvement)
* Forum interprets address within [IMG] tags as [URL ] => not a bug, right?
* Icons not showing properly in profile => duplicate of Custom profiles showing in members profile improperly
* Pages 1, 2, 3... when listing Members not working => cannot reproduce
* table.table_grid td => From Antechinus it seems it isn't a bugCould anyone confirm all these topics can be moved away? :)


--- Quote from: emanuele on May 01, 2011, 03:00:30 PM ---
* Substring problems in Greek language => seems fine here with greek...
--- End quote ---

out of your list to verify this one seems to be the only that i can verify still exists, it works fine in greek, but does not work in greek-utf8

I tested a few other languages, dutch-uft8 and turkish-utf8, looks like turkish-utf8 has this issue as well but only for the character for wednesday in the mini calendar on the left side.

also tested with russian-utf8, this issue seems to be able to be duplicated with any language that does not use the a-z alphabet for the first letter of each day of the week. I will bump that topic with further information.[/list]

I'm not good at all with char encoding... ::)

Ah, I forgot to say that I did the tests on RC5. ;)


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