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Topics are still counted when post count is disabled

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If post count is disabled on some board and if you post a new topic in it, that topic will be counted. If post count is disabled, shouldn't topic count be disabled, too?

Here's some additional informations:

    * Version(s) of SMF
          o SMF 2.0 RC5 and SMF 1.1.13

    * Your Setup:
          o List any Modifications you have installed
                No modifications
          o List any Themes you have installed
                Curve theme and Core theme
          o Are you using UTF-8?

    * Server Software:
          o Apache/IIS version?: Apache 2.2.14
          o PHP version?: 5.3.1
          o Database type and version: MYSQL 5.1.41

Post count is only for inflation of user stats, topic count has a separate use for optimisation purposes, at least it did last time I checked.

Do you mean in the user statistics page?


--- Quote from: emanuele on October 09, 2011, 05:20:07 PM ---Do you mean in the user statistics page?

--- End quote ---


Personally I would like to have a place with both the figures (with and without boards with post count disabled) for posts and topics.

In particular for me it's an issue in the member list of the admin page: a while ago I used to filter for members with 0 posts and delete them every once in a while, but from time to time it happened I deleted users posting only in the boards with post count disabled.


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