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Is that what I'm looking for? Maybe.

I guess I just need to know:
* Are the API functions available inside of SMF to  add functions to the SMF system?
* And is there a better way to go to add pages (actions) with database access?
Also, thirdly, would I be committing an egregious error in adding my data tables to the SMF database?

Thanks, Dan

Andre N:
The API functions are just stripped down versions of a few of the functions SMF has, and they are meant to be used outside of SMF. The API doesn't extend SMF, it lets you use some of it's functions from outside. Inside you have lots more.

Best way would probably be to add your pages as actions, then they would already have db access. You could look at how some of the modification packages do it, I believe you'd need to insert your action into the actions array in index.php, create a file for your action in the sources folder, and create a template for it (your page). If there's a better way I don't know it.

If your table names are different than SMF's you'll be fine :)

Thanks. That is the way I'm proceeding. Already tested setting up actions, sub-actions, linktree support, and page titles. I'll have to take a look at some of the Mod code then. Is there any code examples for newbs to the board (not new to coding)?

Guess  I should be looking into the Mod creation process. What about the SMF Function database? Can I utilize (call) those functions? Or is there an API I should use? Or an SDK?

Just asking if there is a comprehensive list of functions that can be used for extending the SMF system since you stated that "the API functions are just stripped down versions of a few of the functions SMF has"?

Thanks again, hope I can contribute some time, Dan

Andre N:
You can call all the functions in the function database; no need for the API inside SMF.

For the complete list of all the SMF functions google 'smf function database', and you'll see the functions available to you with some description.

The DB functions are inside the variable $smcFunc and you'll be able to call them all; no need for the API. You'll have access to everything SMF does. If you look at some of the files in Sources folder you'll see how the smcFunc's are used; pretty easy to understand when you see the code.

Thanks Man! I have some coding to do. Later.


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