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Logic Error in GenericList.template.php


    Version(s) of SMF

* 2.1 and maybe lower    Your Setup:

* I have a few mods installed but this is a core template bug and I know for a fact that no mods have altered this template.        List any Modifications you have installed
        List any Themes you have installed

* I have "TotalBlue" installed.        Are you using UTF-8? Yes
    Server Software:

* PHP Version 5.3.9
* Nginx Version 1.0.11
* MySQL Version 5.5.19    Where the Error Occurred
* File: Themes/default/GenericList.template.php
* Line: 54
    How to Reproduce this Error?: Simply try to use an extra table row via php array without having a multi-page list. It will not show.

To fix replace

--- Code: --- if (!empty($cur_list['items_per_page']) || isset($cur_list['additional_rows']['bottom_of_list']))
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---if (!empty($cur_list['items_per_page']) || isset($cur_list['additional_rows']['above_column_headers']))
--- End code ---

I was working on creating something for my board and spent almost 30 min trying to figure why it wasn't showing and kept fiddling with the arrays. Hope this saves someone else some time.

Fix committed.

Thanks pcfreak30!


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