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Hey there. First of all, I hope this is the correct section.

A few years ago I registered on these forums because I had a website with SMF on it and I loved the community. The problem is I stopped visiting the forums when my father stopped paying for my website and now, 2 or 3 years later, I've made another account because I've got a new website running SMF ( The thing is I would really love my old account back but I cannot for the life of me remember my password (I think it's the password I cannot remember). I remember the original username and the email I used with it, so if there's a chance I can still get it back, please let me know! (I can't simply get an email with my password sent to that email because as I said, my dad stopped paying for my old site and the email I used was on that domain).

Thanks a lot, I really hope there's way I can recover my account.


you should send an email to and include the information and they will try to help you with this.

Okay thanks very much :)

Or, if you remember your old username, try "I've forgotten my password"?

Matthew K.:
If you don't have access to the associated email account, I'm not sure there's much we'll be able to do. Unless the IP's are identical of course.


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