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Must have Mods for every SMF Admin?


micah sin:
Seeing as I am new to the whole community of SMF(been with mybb for 2 weeks and prior to that forumotion for about 4 months)

What are some must have mods that every admin should always have on their site? Maybe something spam related or something that provides general functionality to your forum?

Also where(besides the official site) can I find more themes and mods?
I found dzinerstudio which is where I found my current theme but i would love to find some other sites that have good themes as well(and mods).

Also, related to the theme
how do i remove and add a different picture to my site.
I want to remove the picture of the dude with the gas mask or whatever that is on his face. How do I do that?


Thank you!

Micah :)

Technically there is no must have mods for every SMF Admin anyone else telling you otherwise is lying.

You can find mods and theme at other sites besides the SMF Mod site.

micah sin:
Well i am aware that what is must have may be subjective but what are some of the best sites to look at for mods?

All I can say is to go to the mod area and look at some of the mods ... Most of the owners of Themes and Mods has a link to their respectful sites, and they will have other mods there that are not on this site.

And about what is the "Must have Mod" Question ? Each is their own

Generally I install a couple of the antispam mods and other general moderation tools to speed up some tasks on the admin side of things. There are a lot of tweaks you can change by just changing settings already built into smf such as turning on visual verification questions, theme settings and other general board settings.


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