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1.1.16 to 2.0.2 Attachment Thumbnail Issue

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Hello all:

I've been working on moving my site to a new server, and in the process upgrading to 2.0.2.  I've restored the site, and performed the upgrade and everything went as planned. No errors, etc.  One issue, however, is that previous posts with attachments aren't showing the thumbnail for the attachment (no red x, nothing). The attachments all work and are there when you click on them, just no thumbnail view.

I've tried changing the thumbnail settings to a different size, etc. however they're still not showing.

Any thoughts, scripts, etc. that might fix this problem?


I've just tried some sample NEW posts on the site, and their thumbnails are not showing, either.

Should I run the upgrade script again and see what happens?

I'd suspect that some of your paths have got screwed, mate.

Have you tried this?

Welcome to the ol' forum, too! :)

Thanks, I've run that several  times, but I believe I've found my problem. 

Filezilla and transfer mode.

Downloading all my files from the old site again and seeing if it fixes anything.


Ah... It's on "Auto", yeah?

That's a real pain in the arse, that.

Let us know how it goes, yeah? :)


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