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The future of SMF

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Code cleaning! Yes! I had several problems with that nasty code. And i really hope that SMF 3.0 will be a completely revolution.


--- Quote ---We've opted to go with a light MVCS (Model/View/Controller/Storage) pattern
--- End quote ---
Did you invent this term? I've never heard of it before :P
Is it like HMVC or MVP at all?

Ya, it's kind of invented... it's basically MVC, but instead of littering the model or controller with queries, all of the queries are in "storages". If you want to alter how users are fetched, you only have to modify it in one place.


--- Code: ---$storage = $this->getStorage('posts');

// Naughty me, hard-coding my ID :P
$postsByMe = $storage->getByUser(108127);
--- End code ---

Maybe there's already a term for it, I'm not big into formality like that. Blame MVCS on Norv :D

Sudhakar Arjunan:
Lets hope for the best.

All the best team.

Look forward to the developments.  I'll be keeping my eye out.


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