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Limit A Guests Daily PageViews Mod

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SSimple Team:
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Limit a Guest Daily Page Views
Developed by 4kstore for
Created by Karl Benson
SMF 1.1.X AND 2.0.1

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Limit a guests daily pageviews mod. Once they reach the limit they are invited to register or login.

Limita a los visitantes a ver cierta cantidad de paginas por dia, una vez superado el limite se los invita a ingresar o registrarse


* Configuration: Admin Panel -> Features & Options
* On exceeding the limit, guests are invited to login or register.
* You can select between limit only topics or limit all pages not vital.
* The index never is limited.

* Configuracion: Admin Panel -> Features & Options
* Cuando se supera el limite, los visitantes son invitados a ingresar o registrarse
* Se puede seleccionar entre limitar solo los temas o todas las paginas (las que no son vitales)
* La pagina principal nunca es limitada

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Language Support | Lenguajes Soportados

English & English British (by Karl Benson)
Portuguese pt (by candidosa2 & joomlamz)
Portuguese brazilian (by candidosa2 & joomlamz)
Danish (by Fallen Angel)
Turkish (by ?T?K?? & by reel)
Spanish (by 4kstore)

Note: Spiders/bots are not treated ANY differently by this mod than human guests. Excluding Spiders from being affected by this mod is likely to be against Google & other search engines terms of service. (Would likely be seen as Black Hat SEO (cloaking)). Therefore spiders CANNOT have a higher limit nor be excluded from the limit.

Limit a Guest Daily Page Views
Copyright 2011 |

Great mod again.

Is there any problem with limiting spiders/bots? Sorry, somewhat new to that aspect.

Hello, I think this is a great mod but I've had the same thoughts. How about Spiders and Bots? Thanks


--- Quote from: evil-angelist on July 14, 2008, 12:26:10 AM ---I will be adding this later, thanks and fingers crossed it goes in smoothly. For those questioning the spiders and bots I guess you can set the page view limit to whatever amount of views you are happy with a day to have them access the site.

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but hopefully in an update in the future there is a way to exclude them? I'm not sure doesn't google use bots to scan your site and will limiting it hinder how google ranks your page and what not?

Sudhakar Arjunan:
Hi Mr.karlbenson,

This Mod is simply superb.
Thanks for this excellent Mod.

I have installed without any error - but skipped only 3 language files.

I have tried it and its working fine.
Came here to Thank you for this mod.

I too have some queries particulars to this mod.

1) Separate Guest and Bots - Becuase all hi end bots like Google ,yahoo and msn are using only same set of Ip addresses.
So let the spider visit n number of times.

2) I hope for each guest it stores the ip, and  tracked each time.
So will this take the bandwidth of MySql to high.

Once Again, Thank you for this Excellent Mod this morning.  :)


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