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SMF MediaWiki integration released

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Finally! I waited for this since this site's Wiki was released.

Today I've been trying to integrate MediaWiki, going through this thread to understand what is needed to make it work. And here I'm at the end of the thread with the impression that this integration does not yet work.

Does anyone have it working completely?  Is there a workable section for LocalSettings.php and Auth_SMF.php?


There has been discussion at the github issue tracker page about some problems people have been having.
I've heard reports but haven't confirmed that it doesn't work with MW 1.18 (and thus most likely 1.19).

My integration issue was a cookie problem.  The only problem I have now is that doing a wiki->login sends me to the forum after login and not back to the wiki.

As for the cookie issue there was nothing pointing me to this problem.  I didn't uncover it until I started outputting the cookie info.

Below is the cookie I was seeing:

Auth_SMF.php unserializes it and there were no values in the variables id_member and password.

In order get a cookie like this:

I had to turn off "Enable local storage of cookies".

These are my settings which work and integration works fine now:

As the note below that setting says, it doesn't work well with SSI.  What that setting does is fill out the path (ie /forum/) in the cookie so only that path can access the cookie.  By unchecking it, the cookie sets the path as /, which allows anything in that domain to work.  If you have subdomains you need to check the subdomains one.  That sets the wildcard (*) in the cookie for that domain.

I've updated the Auth file just now.  This one appears to work properly with MediaWiki 1.18

I'v also added your issue to the readmes FAQ section.  Hopefully that helps others in the future :)


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