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Possible Cock-up Alert?



I think I've made a couple of cock-ups somewhere along the line, and would appreciate some help, please?

They both involve mods and their un-installation.

First - the 'Simple Imageshack' mod - my intention was to use this for image uploading but I found a better mod and so tried to un-install it. After un-installation and deletion, there is still an Imageshack upload box at the bottom of any new post thats being created, even though theres no trace of the mod in the package manager. I also made sure it was deleted in my hosting file manager, but it just lingers there forever and ever. How would be the best way to get rid?

Second - the 'Calling Your Twitter' mod. I un-installed this one whilst I was checking something out with the forum layout, but noticed that the header of the mod was still there, with one tweet showing. When I re-installed it, I noticed that there were TWO 'Calling Your Twitter'  configurations in the configurations menu. I got a fatal error on clicking to go back to the forum until I uninstalled it again, so I tried deleting it, but the one tweet and header still remained. On a re-install, I again got the fatal error and the TWO configuration boxes.

If anyone has got any ideas on what to do with any of the above problems, it would be greatly appreciated!

SMF version 2.0.2 using 2011 theme

You would need to follow the mods parses in reverse order.

Looks as though some code has been missed.

Erm... that sounds like a rather long job?

Where are the parses likely to be?

On the pages where you downloaded the mods you should see a dropdown list which shows the various versions of forum.

Choose the version you require but remember to BACK UP FIRST.

Ah, I often wondered what the 'parse' option was - thanks, I'll have a look at that.

However - the strangest thing just happened - I just selected a three day old restore point on my host for the whole forum, with the idea of getting rid of all traces of the mods at the expense of a few posts. When I went back to see how it looked, the posts from today were still there but all trace of the two mods had gone? Also - the other mods that I installed today were still there!

I'm going to put all of this down to lack of sleep, too much coffee, and not enough alcohol!

Anyway, thanks, OldFossil!


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