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Every thing worked fine for me except for the custom titles being pulled over as member groups and 'phpbb' being pre-fixed to all member groups names.

The phpBB prefix for the membergroups is a converter setting.  Not sure why it's done like that.  I'll check and see what's going on.

I run a phpBB2 2.0.21 forum with UTF-8 charset and utf8-general collation database. On the forum there are posts both in greek and english. I used the converter which worked flawlesly but the greek posts are not displayed correctly anymore. I used the utf-8 support in the smf setup, I tried the html->utf-8 from the admin panel but no progress. When I post a new greek topic in the forum the characters are displayed correctly (obviously the forum is UTF-8 compatible). Does the converter support UTF-8? Any working solution or idea? Thnx in advance.

P.S. Same problem:  I followed your advise. Didn't work.

Madru I'll see what I can do about the UTF-8 stuff.  I thought converting the database before hand would help but I guess not.

Thnx for your efforts. I really appreciate


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