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We are always looking for Support Specialists!

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Indeed.  We are looking to get people involved, to spread knowledge around, and generally just keep things new and exciting, you know?

Like Motoko-chan stated... theres no 'minimum'.  We simply are looking to involve the community more within itself :)

lol Motoko-chan  
is that the badge you are offering   :P

You can call on me for the more basic stuff and increase that as my skills develop...

Over to you.

Kevin Hannan

Perplexed:  its an old inside joke.

We'll tell you when you're older :P  *snickers*

青山 素子:

--- Quote from: metallica48423 on April 03, 2008, 03:56:33 PM ---Perplexed:  its an old inside joke.

--- End quote ---

Not really all that inside, though. I thought I'd stick the badge in my sig for fun. The "Support Creep" title came from when a member got rather upset at me and called me a creep. That was back when I wore the green badge. You can find the post in question over here.


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