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I don't think RC2 is supported...

hi i have this installed on RC 2 it seems to work fine except when i try to read new posts or go into some boards i get the message

forum error
the forum you are visiting is temporarily closed please try again later

can someone tell me why this is happening

i hope someone here can help me...

i installed tapatalk 0.9.10 and it's working well for me with the following issue (i posted this on their forums also)...

when someone makes a post, their post count updates, the total posts in the forum updates, but the posts per day do not update (on the stats page) in forum history.  could someone point me in the direction of the code that is supposed to update that stat, and possibly how to fix it?  i know this is an outside package but there are some very smart people in here.  thanks!

The proposal is awesome, but I can't download the tapatalk app for my Nokia N78 (Symbian).


Well when I try to Parse this Mod or download this is what I get:

The mod you have requested has not been approved yet for downloads.

What gives?


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