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Anyone here working with CloudFlare/HoneyPot antibot software?

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Don Peters:
I received an e-mail invitation from Matthew Prince, of Project Honey Pot, to test out their new beta software called CloudFlare. The purpose of CloudFlare is to keep spambots and other bad bots from even reaching your forum. They do this by changing your forum's DNS settings so that traffic first goes to CloudFlare, where it is checked against Project HoneyPot's spambot database, and then if the user passes, he is passed along to your forum. Along the way they also provide some extra services such as caching your website and scrambling your support e-mail addresses so they can't be harvested by a spambot.

I was about to try it when I realized there might be some SMF issues I'd have to deal with. Specifically, SMF would see traffic coming from CloudFlare rather than the accessing user. Also, my software gets the referring URL, and I'd have to code around this. I'm told the SMF software compatibility mods are minimal, but I don't have the time or PHP experience to make them. Hence, I was wondering if others here were attempting to use CloudFlare, and if so, if they developed the necessary mods to enable a smooth transition to it.


Kill Em All:
I haven't heard of it today, but it looks trustworthy. Although I find it weird that the guy emailed you about it.

I'm not sure if its compatible or not with SMF, you will just have to try it.

I was invited and checked them out and they are for real.  I am currently  trying it with SMF 2 RC3 and have no log errors to date.   But I noticed that SMF 1.1.x requires the following changes:

--- Quote ---To make CloudFlare compatible with Simple Machine Forum 1.1.x and so there are no log issues, please run the following process:
1. open SSI.php
2. on ~ line 165
if (isset($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) && !isset($_SERVER['is_cli']) && session_id() == )
replace with:
if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP']) && !isset($_SERVER['is_cli']) && session_id() == )
3. Save
4. open Sources/Load.php
5. on ~ line 441
updateMemberData($ID_MEMBER, array('ID_MSG_LAST_VISIT' => (int) $modSettings['maxMsgID'], 'lastLogin' => time(), 'memberIP' => '\ . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . '\, 'memberIP2' => '\ . $_SERVER['BAN_CHECK_IP'] . '\));
replace with:
updateMemberData($ID_MEMBER, array('ID_MSG_LAST_VISIT' => (int) $modSettings['maxMsgID'], 'lastLogin' => time(), 'memberIP' => '\ . $_SERVER['HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP'] . '\, 'memberIP2' => '\ . $_SERVER['BAN_CHECK_IP'] . '\));
6. on ~ line 491
'ip' => $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],
replace with:
7. Save.
8. open Sources/QueryString.php
9. There are 20 to replace in this file so it is easier to use find and replace for this file.
10. Save and upload all. Done.

Tutorial by MKNJHILL :)
--- End quote ---

It will be interesting to see what passes through to get caught by my SPAM software.  So far BB is active and Project Honeypot stopped recording.  Still have to give it time and look at my other measures.

This mod should fix the IP addresses in the users online log files.  It works with 1.1.x and 2 RC3.

Plus, I added posting Server Side Excludes.

It will get put in the CloudFlare wiki next week.

EDIT: Update for SMF Gold.

Kill Em All:
Good to hear.

Do you think we can mark this as solved? :)


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