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Anyone here working with CloudFlare/HoneyPot antibot software?

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--- Quote from: butchs on December 05, 2011, 05:07:53 AM ---Bad Behavior is if you check Enable Reverse Proxy, set "IP call to Reverse Proxy" -> 'Cf-Connecting-Ip' and leave "Reverse Proxy Addresses" blank...Do not forget to purge the cache.

--- End quote ---
I made the changes, and it seems BB is now working properly. How does one purge the cache for BB?

But I'm still getting the "HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP" error in forum firewall . . .

BB cache resets automatically every day but can be manually reset in Scheduled Tasks.

You must have an typo somewhere.  Please post the error from the log and your settings in the "forum firewall" support board.

I made the post here:

Hey butchs, do you think you could update your modification to support IPv6 as well since it's now one of the features of CloudFlare? Your CF mod and the IPv6 mod have a number of conflicts.

Sorry, I learned my lesson with the smartphone mod, do not program something you can not personally test.


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