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--- Quote from: JBlaze on April 03, 2011, 07:53:10 PM ---The first rule of the Team is you don't talk about the Team.
The second rule of the Team is you don't aim to be on the Team.
The third rule of the Team is you don't talk about the Team.

--- End quote ---

In this I'm very agree.

 I think that to get the team is a long way, I myself took almost 3 years in smf.

 and even now begin to know how it works  :P

Not everyone is welcome to the team, as there are personal dislikes  :D

Some of us are welcome and some of us are not. Fair enough to me.  ;)


it doesn't necessarily have to do with "personal dislikes" but rather, can the potential candidate work within our existing team structure and work with existing team members (and can those team members work with the candidate)?

Yea Sir Kindred,

I think I have (also in my job as a beta tester) more often proved that I have skill. But obviously there are other reasons, which I just do not know.


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