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Why are there no good galleries?

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I have spent the whole day trying to get one of the mods in the downloads to work only to get nowhere. Anyone have any suggestions on good gallery mods?

Aeva Media is by far the best.


--- Quote from: aljo1985 on April 22, 2012, 08:06:34 PM ---Aeva Media is by far the best.

--- End quote ---

I tried it, It either crashed or the images would not upload. Im usin SMF version 2.2,, any suggestions?

there is no SMF 2.2

I know its not supported but,, I really want to use it!  ;D 

Every time I install it I get these errors all over the top of my forum:

--- Code: ---Aeva Media extra strings $txt['aeva_gallery'] = isset($txt['aeva_gallery']) ? $txt['aeva_gallery'] : 'Media'; $txt['aeva_home'] = 'Home'; $txt['aeva_unseen'] = 'Unseen'; $txt['aeva_profile_sum'] = 'Summary'; $txt['aeva_view_items'] = 'View items'; $txt['aeva_view_coms'] = 'View comments'; $txt['aeva_view_votes'] = 'View votes'; $txt['aeva_gotolink'] = 'Details'; $txt['aeva_zoom'] = 'Zoom'; $txt['permissiongroup_aeva'] = 'Aeva Media'; $txt['permissiongroup_simple_aeva'] = 'Aeva Media'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_access'] = 'Access Gallery'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_moderate'] = 'Moderate Gallery'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_manage'] = 'Administrate Gallery'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_access_unseen'] = 'Access unseen area'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_search'] = 'Search in Gallery'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_add_user_album'] = 'Add Albums'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_add_playlists'] = 'Add User Playlists'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_auto_approve_albums'] = 'Auto-approve Albums'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_moderate_own_albums'] = 'Moderate own Albums'; $txt['permissionname_aeva_viewprofile'] = 'View anyone\'s Gallery profile'; $txt['cannot_aeva_viewprofile'] = 'You cannot view Gallery profiles'; // End Aeva Media strings

--- End code ---


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