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How would I set this URL for RWSS up in an RSS block?

I tried adding ;action=rss etc and it keeps returning invalid feed. Now when I used Firefox to grab it, it worked in firefox, but not in the SMF RSS block. Why?


--- Quote from: jennyc on May 09, 2012, 12:53:01 PM ---Hello,

I would like to set the forum up so that it posts the RSS feeds straight to twitter/facebook is this at all possible? If so, where do I look?

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Yes, for Twitter you use the "Twitter feed" application and for Facebook there is something called RSS Graffiti (Twitter feed works as well).

Hi All,

First of all, great site!! This is my first post here but I have been reading quite a lot over the past few days. Awesome knowledge base.

My question, is I have recently put my hand up to help out a site that is running SMF 1.1.11 (classic theme). And RSS is not enabled or set up.
Is it as simple as following the excellent instructions at the beginning of this thread? I'm yet to get my hands on the admin panel. Have spend a few years in web design, mainly wordpress (html, css, php)

In particular I wanted only one section/thread of the forum to output to XML/Rss feed to control content that is shared on outside websites. Are these settings all built into the template or does this require adding a MOD like Feed Poster (

Thank you.

Heyloooo, sorry to bomb you all with questions, but I have searched high and low on these forums.

My question has to do with the xml/rss feeds, and a certain elusive string I am sure is possible!

I want to display topics in a board. That is all. Simply, a list of topics from a certain board.


Finally, is there a wiki/docs for all this kinda stuff....had no luck there...


As the first post sort of says, use;type=rss2;board=1

No .0, just the 1.


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