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tpmod runs through the TPmodules.php file, and outputs to the TPmodules.template.php file. Not sure why you are asking about that though.

It was coming up when I googled my site. I thought it was a hiddend text or something but then realized its from an actual page.

Next question. How do I delete the an image from the My Images Quicklist menu?

I don't think Bloc put any way in their to remove the images from the quicklist. You probably just have to remove the image from the folder on your server to make it go away.

Should be in the tp-images/ folder.


Where are you guys putting your google analytics code.  I saw this was a mod for google anylatics but I want to use the mod, rather hardcode it.

Use the mod, there's nothing wrong with doing it that way and it's actually probably better.


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