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Link to the theme

This is a simple looking theme, based on Midnight Ocean (also by me), with rounded corners, using shades of blue and cream.

Demo can be seen here.

Please note that this theme is for SMF 1.1RC2 only.

ROFL worst theme ever made  :P


--- Quote from: invisiblex on August 04, 2006, 10:05:15 AM ---ROFL worst theme ever made  :P

--- End quote ---
Even if you didn't like, it can be said a bit more gently, like:

Wolfenrook, you can do better ones ;)

Yup, I can.  This one was created as a base to work from.  Now is much more polished looking.  Just waiting for it to be authorised on the themes site.  ;)

As to Invisiblex's comment, I've heard worst, and to be honest it would bother me more coming from a theme designer.  :-*  I create themes for myself first, so really don't care if folks like them or not. lol


look at this
and learn

or else do google image search for better smoot graphics and rich fonts


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