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Had a problem installing. seemed like nothing was capitalized


Jim Yarbro:
Turns out it was the crappy version of unzip I was using. I had to download it to my windows box and tar it using cygwin. Just posting this in case someone has the same problem in the future. I thought it was that the SMF guys packaged it wrong but it was just the decompressor.

on a half related topic:

[unk] think you could release a tar file when you post zips? I know some ppl dont have zip in unix, or have access to a crappy version of unzip like i do that for some reason seems to be broken.

Public beta will CERTANILY be released in zip, tar.bz2, and tar.gz.  Sorry for the inconvenience... I'll see if next closed beta can have tars as well.

Mostly a time thing.


Jim Yarbro:
np man. hell next beta I can tar it and attach right after i get it. one less thing for you to worry about ;)


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