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Angelina Belle:
And it is exciting to see. Everbody knew that the switch to the BSD license made them likely. It should be invigorating to have more developers testing and sharing their own improvements to SMF. With two forks under development, one of which is already available for download, it is now possible to compare and contrast SMF forks. And the SMF team hopes that Forks Discussion becomes a popular board -- we can all learn a lot from each other.

Nightwish has already  made available his unnamed open-source fork, along with all his plans and comments along the way.

Nao and Arantor, two talented developers well-known at, are developing another fork, called Wedge. They've made their entire changelog available (and it is an interesting read). As soon as they release the code, we'll see which license they've chosen. So far, they have not expressed interest in using a BSD-like license.

Jeff Lewis recently commented (in SMF Forks Coming! ) that these forks are a step toward the SMF community working "toward being the open project it [was] always envisioned to be". And that's a great vision for SMF.

edit: fixed typo.

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
This truly is an open doorway to new, unexplored realms for SMF - and I'm personally hoping, waiting to see this board get busy ;)

A good step towards friendly interaction between any possible forks. :)

+1 to the team for setting up this.

Jeff Lewis:
What I really want to see here is am embracing of each other. Sure there has been blood and slights on both sides/all sides but I am really hoping people can maintain civility here and lets leave all the mud flinging outside  :P


Our goal, as expressed in the rules of this board, is to welcome and embrace the concept of (Open Source) forks and those who make them.

We had a long journey to release SMF under the BSD license. We want to encourage people to  continue with that open license/concept as well as encouraging those who may choose to fork. They bring new, interested blood into the discussions as well as introducing potential for new ideas, new approaches and new coding.


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