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Quick way to Clear many spam posts and topics?



Please can someone advise the best way to clear up a spammed forum. I used to have a fairly close knit community and a decent but small forum however after a few issues the forum was taken offline. I put it on again as a blank canvas (I cannot remember if I used the existing database or a new one) in July last year and basically forgot about it due to a lack of time etc.

Anyway, it seems that my forum has grown massively whilst I have been away. There are now over 343,000 posts in over 223,000 topics. I have an average of 77 guests and 24 (spambots) online at anyone time. I also have had over 200 users online at once!

What is the best way to get rid of this junk?. I can't do it manually, the spam come quicker than I can delete.

On a side note, Google has indexed many of these spam pages (currently over 60,000) and according to the website valuation sites it's worth over $134,000 - any takers?

unfortunately, there is no really go way to deal with that many....    that's why admins get mods to maintain a site for them when they will be away for any period of time.

So I should just delete the database and create a new one?

unless you have a backup of your previous forum before the spam.... I am afraid so.


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