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undefined index errors--maybe about email functions??

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sorry but not in the admin section anywhere...this is admin/server settings

For SMF 2

Admin > Maintenance > Mail > Mail Settings

can I please tell you how many times I looked in each and every section --- through all sublinks and saw that nowhere at all

Thanks, well, it is set already to smtp, forgot that is what hostgator advised me to do when we started with ATT banning our notification emails to our members...claimed they were spam.

phooey now lost again as to what to do...and hostgator checked settings for site and server and said all is right so it must me something with smf...but they are also at a loss why only 1 forum and not all of

what can I say, tis a site like the developer---a total lunatic.

thanks Lurksalot.


--- Quote from: lurkalot on April 14, 2012, 07:01:45 PM ---For SMF 2

Admin > Maintenance > Mail > Mail Settings

--- End quote ---

Sorry about that!


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