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Usually that wont make the pooter throw a wobbly though. It just wont open the tar.

My mate's does. It does that "Flash and make a weird "DOINK!" noise" thing that XP does, so well. ;)

 :)  Thank you so very much everyone for being kind enough to respond. 

I managed to work out what was wrong.  I downloaded SMF with my Internet Explorer which doesn't save it to the hard drive, so in order to open it I had to open it with a zip application and lo and behold Simple Machines had one you could download.  It appears they thought of everything.   :D 

Hope this is useful if anyone else has the same problem.  Oh, by the way, it took me about 6 hours to work out what was wrong,  ::) but I got there in the end.  Still, I don't mind it's all a great learning experience.

Meanwhile, I'm curious to know does the charter membership take learners like me only I'm seriously thinking about joining?

The charter membership is used to support SMF. It costs $45 and anyone can join. Once you join an SMF support member will manage forum installs and upgrades as a thank you for your contribution. You also receive a little badge on the forum. But most importantly you are helping to keep the SMF project alive.


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