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This mod allows you to report a PM to an administrator.  A copy of the PM will be sent in the email.  If the sender is an administrator they are not sent an email.

Nice. Could come in handy, any chance it could work for SMF 1.1 Beta 1?

Not the version I put up.  SMF 1.1 changed the name of the tables they are stored in.  It shouldn't be that hard to change I suppose.

Is this mod compatible with themes other than the SMF default theme?

EDIT:  This mod seems to be functioning just fine on the SMFOne theme, so I'm guessing that it's compatible with other themes as well.  By the way, great job on another successful SMF mod :).

-Dan The Man

It does make a theme change to add in the link to report it.  So you may need to manually add in the change to the other themes.


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