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Print topic should include images

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I think that the print feature in SMF is too simple

When clicking print SMF generates a text only output.
This is 2007 and images are cool to have on a printout, thus SMF should
display images when showing a print-view.

Also I have often got use for Joomla's PDF function. Can this be included in SMF as well? Print to PDF. It would be very handy, and a very moderm addon to SMF...

I think the same. I Edit myself

The solution was in the forum. This works for me.

In my theme directory. Display.template.php


             $buttonArray[] = '<li class="print"><a href="' . $scripturl . '?action=printpage;topic=' . $context['current_topic'] . '.0" target="_blank">' . $txt[465] . '</a></li>';

Replace with

             $buttonArray[] = '<li class="print"><a href="' . $scripturl . '?action=printpage;topic=' . $context['current_topic'] . '.0;images" target="_blank">' . $txt[465] . '</a></li>';

So simple.

yeah you can either do that.

Or do it permanently.

OPEN Sources/Subs.php

--- Code: --- // !!! Change maybe?
if (!isset($_GET['images']))
$disabled['img'] = true;

--- End code ---

right it should include images by default.

I thought I was included by default because I never tookout printout.

I was not knowing it doesnot include images by default.

IMO print out should be text only.
But having the option to toggle images would be nice.

The functionality is there, as posted above, but a link to it on Print_only page would be nice.

Text Only | With Images


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