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Not all users click the 'view unread messages' link though. I find it quite handy, even though most of the time in my forum, I know what the new messages are when I look at them  :D

I find it quite annoying.


I think it's quite useful.
Please have a look at the image how it could be.

You can easily see the new post, because of the NEW symbol.

Naturally it could be added at a later stage as an option, but personally would prefer it to be in the general release from the outset.

If there were an option in board settings it could easily be enabled / disabled.

I'm pretty sure this could easily be done with the template system, and if not I will make it so it can be.

However, I still think this is horribly annoying.  Especially if it HAS to be red.  I would bludger my eyes out.



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