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I installed the light version and this error keeps appearing into my error log:
This errors are caused by an GoogleBot.

Im using smf 2.0.2

http/index.php?action=sitemap;xml;b=88Datenbankfehler: Unknown column 'b.member_groups' in 'where clause'

SELECT m.id_topic, m.poster_time, t.num_replies
FROM smf_messages as m, smf_topics as t
WHERE m.id_board = 88
AND (FIND_IN_SET(-1, b.member_groups) != 0)
AND m.id_msg = t.id_last_msg
ORDER BY m.poster_time DESCDatei: /is/htdocs/wp10987751_P86YNHEPGX/www/sb/Sources/Subs-Seo.php
Zeile: 229

I don't know what do do and I would appreciate a little help.

Greetings Kitti

any reviews to the pro plugin?
I'm not sure if I should buy this or the other

I just see that the author violates the gpl - does not make any good impression, but I can ignore his licence.


--- Quote from: pss7 on July 02, 2012, 03:42:40 PM ---I'm not sure if I should buy this or the other

--- End quote ---

Which other are you considering?

If you use it with SSI.php you get broken links from your site to forum. It's pain in ass.
Any idea how to fix this?

I'm trying with str_replace to convert regular link to seo... like replacing '(), and other signs with empty space but i don't have list of all signes...

Lite version does not convert links, so you're in the wrong topic


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