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Policy Change: User Signatures

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Eliana Tamerin:

--- Quote from: Gazmanafc on July 20, 2008, 11:21:25 AM ---Yeah, Sophist Member. :P

--- End quote ---

That's it. Been so long since I was there, only three months. :P

Only 8,000 more to go and you too can be a super hero :)

I am glad that people understand the need to keep SMF from becoming a spam depot :)

I think this is a good rule. I hate spam!

I can understand the reasoning for this rule, but unfortunately I am two posts shy of the required ten posts (only one after this post).  I've had this account for quite a long time and just realized today it is using an old email address (b/c of the automated birthday message), so I need one more post to fix that.

Thats a great rule, cuz @ the other smf powerd forums i been 2 are full of users that neva post.


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