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Angelina Belle:
If a wiki page has been marked for translation
And then changed afterwards -- there will be no effect on translations or translators

Then, if the changed wikipage is marked again for translation (right now, only the doc team can do this)
In every translation, the part that has been changed will be marked "out of date".  It will have a pink background color.

It will have to be the responsibility of the person who marks the page for translation to post a notice to wiki translators that a change has been made to the page.

Hey guys,

I've translated a full page into french

I hope I did right in the use of the tool.

For the screenshots, I uploaded new images from a forum in french. Should I keep doing this?
The page is showed as translated to 93% although I did it completely. It says so because the images do not have the same name. I added "fr_" prefix to my images and the tool expects to use the same images from the english page...

When translating, the message is:

And last thing I noticed, in my page is not listed in the section File links

Images too... :'(

There could be a solution (I'm thinking about something like is in place for links), I'll have a look a it tomorrow.

Yeah I saw for the links but now you have to deals with files ^^'

Okay, thanks for the great work :) I've been inactive in translation for a while but I'm still here and loving SMF ;D

You can correct my page with the images when you finished =) I'm not able to delete my uploads, or rename the files if you change this ;)

wow, happy to see you around deathsign! Thanks for all.


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