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No CSS with Mozilla Firebird

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No, it's still there and i can use it.
And the CSS-Files are also there.


Your server is sending .css files as text/plain in the headers which may be the reason for this.

How can i change this?

When I do a Detailed Version Check, there are on the 'Default Templates' many '??' . Is this normal?


Chris Cromer:
Yes that is normal. As for how to fix it... are you the host of the server? If not ask your host to correct it... if so... then wait for a reply on how to do it.

My host says that he has never seen any option for css in the server-options and he dont knows what to change.
Does anyone know what must be changed?

I had no problems with YABB 1 SP1 and YABB SE.
I've tried out YABB 1 SP2 Beta today and there is the same problem.



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