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[2.1] Hooks in 2.1

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loadFile('require_once_for_plugins_my_ass.php', 'live627:my_plgin');
Same format for loadTemplate?

Joshua Dickerson:

--- Code: ---/**
 * Load a file
 * @param string $filename
 * @param string $directory_type = 'source' (always lowercase) or used as a directory if no type is found
function loadFile($filename, $type = 'source')
--- End code ---

I think its very important to have a list of available and installed/used hooks in admin area.

Also there have to be much more hooks on several positions in smf...

There are literally over a 100 hooks in the next version of SMF already.

Joshua Dickerson:
I think it is somewhere around 250 new hooks.


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