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it installed just fine on 2.0.2

If you got an error on install, then you will have to manually apply the changes to that file. Without the manual changes, the mod won't be fully installed and may not work

Fed Drago:
There appears to be allot of tweaking being done for this mod. The question remains unanswered weather or not the code writers of this Mod will consider doing a upgrade and updated version. This is a great Mod and there is a need for it but it is a shame that it has a fair amount of manual code writing that has to come along with the success of using it.



--- Quote from: Kindred on April 14, 2012, 06:09:37 PM ---it installed just fine on 2.0.2

--- End quote ---

not sure what you mean by a lot of tweaking...  some people have tweaked it to do things other than originally intended, but - as written, it works just fine.

Fed Drago:
I will try to install this Mod again, as it is NOT installing just fine for me. I am using 2.0.2 with only a handful of other Mods. Quick question I am also using simple Easy portal (Latest version) I wonder if Simple portals is the issue?

are you using SimplePortal or EZPortal?   I have it installed in EZPortal.


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