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Member Awards (2.0 Compatible!)

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well, then you may have to manually install the failed parts


--- Quote from: Ascot on April 20, 2012, 01:30:57 PM ---Hi there! Awesome mod.

I'm having just a little issue. I want it to show under user avatar. So i cut the code

--- Code: --- // Show their awards?
if (!empty($message['member']['awards']) && $modSettings['awards_in_post'] > 0){
echo '
<fieldset style="border: 1px solid #181618; padding: 2px>';

// Couldn't limit it in Load.php, so let's do it here.
$awards = 0;
foreach ($message['member']['awards'] as $award){
if($awards < $modSettings['awards_in_post'])
echo '
<a href="', $scripturl, $award['more'], '"><img src="', dirname($scripturl), $award['img'], '" alt="', $award['description'], '" title="', $award['description'], '" /></a> ';

echo '
--- End code ---

And move it up to
--- Code: --- // Show how many posts they have made.
<li class="postcount">', $txt['member_postcount'], ': ', $message['member']['posts'], '</li>';
--- End code ---

and what happen?, when user is awared i can see all his data below awards, but when he's not it doesn't show.
I mean, there's a function on prevent loading if they haven't awards.

How can i fix this?

--- End quote ---

Please help. :'(

you need to provide more code.

Please include the 5 lines of code before, the code you inserted and 5 lines of code after.

Hi guys, i need help with some SQL query code for this award on SMF 1.1.16: I want to search for all members who have between 200 and 299 posts (inclusive) and then assign them to the awards id 5. It's a bit of an auto-award manual manipulation, as i need an easy way to assign awards to my thousands of members without having to edit each of their profiles one by one, which can be very painful work! I also want to do the same for other ranges, for example, members from 300 posts to 399 posts should be assigned the award id 6, etc.

Member Awards em Português - PT-PT ou PT-BR UTF-8
Member Awards in Portuguese - PT-PT or PT-BR UTF-8

Adicionado o pacote completo com o MOD em PT-BR UTF-8.
Add original pack with complete MOD in PT-BR UTF-8.


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