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Why do not include BBcode Manager on SMF ?
If i want to add YouTube or DailyMotion BBcode on SMF editor, i will not download a plugin for this BBcode, i will only add it on SMF BBcode Manager.

What de you this about this idea ? :)

So what exactly would you expect the bbcode manager to be able to do?

The core problem with such a mod (as I can't ever see it becoming core, to be honest) is that it's fantastically limited in what it can do.

Simple codes, you can add. There's already a mod for 1.1.x for it, in fact. But the most complex ones require in depth PHP code which is far from practical to add. Take a look at the code for the YouTube bbcode plugin from Nao. Would you really want to put all that in to the manager?

I would do it if I wanted it!

When for an extra 2 minutes work you'd just add it in directly?

Track here please:


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