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I'm having problems with my board (2.0.2, fresh installation). When I try to install the modification (after solving issues with file permissions and temp folder within Packages dir), I'm able to finish the installation, and it says: The mod is succsessfully installed, you will be now redirected to the settings page (or something like this), but then it turns back to the main admin panel page. When I go to Admin panel / Configruation / Modification settings - there is nothing. The only mod I was able to install is OHara YouTube Embed (even there, the text on settings page is missing, but looking at the code itself I've understood what to do on settings page). Mods that are "installed" (but not functional) are: Add Facebook like to posts, SA Facebook, Simple portal, Header addon. When I try to uninstall them, the test is failing for almost all files.

My first SMF installation was done using Installatron (od DirectAdmin), but after that I have downloaded and uploaded a fresh copy of files to the server. The result is the same, I can't install (or make working) any modification. It's such a frustration that I began to consider changing the software for my board. Which is the solution I would like to avoid.

Any idea? Anyone willing to take a look? Thanks in advance!

You can see more details here:

Edit: here is the board. Here is PHP info page.

Not that you would have posted this without checking, but the mods you have are compatible with your SMF release, yes?

Matthew K.:
Suki's modification is compatible with SMF 2.0.2...your best bet is to post in her modification's support topic directly.

This is something that is SMF/my server/host related.
It's not a single modification issue.
Not compatible mods won't install, so I'm talking about compatible which are not installed correctly.
Anyway, thank you for your replies.

Anyone else has an idea how to solve the problem?

Matthew K.:
The first part of my post was in response to Sitepearl's question. The second part of my post was for you.

It's related to Suki's mod, post in her mod support topic.


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