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Software: IPB
Version: 2.0.x

This is the official support topic for IPB 2.0.x converter.  Use this topic to ask for support for this converter. 

Special thanks goes to Sarke for the help in fixing these bugs and testing the converter out.

+ Added support for converting user uploaded avatars (invision2_to_smf.sql)
! Regular Expression was chopping the font-size when converting bbc tags. (invision2_to_smf.sql)
! passwordSalt field was being replaced with an empty string causing passwords to be incorrect. (invision_to_smf.sql) [sarke]
! Poll choices were not being converted proeprly. (invision2_to_smf.sql) [sarke]
! Personal Messages were not being converted properly. (invision2_to_smf.sql) [sarke]
! When converting maintenance mode message change \n to <br />. (invision2_to_smf.sql)
! When converting attachments set the width and height for images (invision2_to_smf.sql)

Use this convert.php with the .sql file attached in this topic.

This might be a stupid question, but I just want to make sure: I have the IPB 2.0.0 (Trial), will the converter work with this?


It should work.

Thanks. I hope someone can answer with a 100% guarantee. I'm scared to lose all the data and posts :D


I convert successfully my forum to SMF but now I'm not able to login with my account. I use the attached sql file in the 1st post.

Thx for your answers!

Edit: I found. Just delete all cookies...  :)


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