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[3.0] Redo the theme system for SMF (2.1+ obviously)

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yes and no...

it is a worthy goal - however, one of the things that makes SMF so powerful IS the full theme design.

Hooks are good... but not everything can be handled with hooks. Even wordpress (which is nothing but hooks) add-ons occasionally need template file updates (Which makes theme updates annoying)

Even in that case, IMHO there should be some effort towards simplifying the procedure or minimizing theme-specific edits. Some mods require editing for 5+ or 10+ theme files which is too much really. Joomla for example is a favorite with designers and it offers great extensibility without theme-editing (or with minor theme editing). I think this is one of the major reasons that account for its popularity: great availability of well-designed themes which do not mess with functionality.

By the way, I cannot create new topics on this board...


--- Quote from: spiros on March 08, 2012, 10:18:46 AM ---By the way, I cannot create new topics on this board...

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only team members can create topics in this board for several reasons.

as I said... it is a worthy goal and is being looked into (as has been mentioned several times in this thread and elsewhere).

The introduction of hooks was a good first step and we all know that more hooks need to be added, but that is different from "themes (design), is completely separated from functionality".
It's really not possible to do that "completely" while still keeping the full functionality of the SMF theme system.

Joomla is actually moderately limited in what you can do with the stock theme designs...   when I ran a joomla system, I was continually editing the theme template files in order to get them to do what I needed.

Which was the last Joomla version you used? Apart from standard Joomla features and the versatility they afford, there are some theme frameworks out there with amazing versatility straight out of the control panel (i.e. Warp, T3, Gantry frameworks).


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