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--- Quote from: Aaron on August 17, 2011, 11:33:39 AM ---Fantastic move, team! It'd be great to see this board full of interesting topics in a few months. :)

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+1 :)
It's a great step forward :)


--- Quote from: Kindred on August 17, 2011, 10:13:58 AM ---I think he meant - can he start his own fork, yet remain part of the SMF teams (mod/translator/support/etc)

Answer: yes...
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What I meant is if I can only fork the template system? Something like a boiler plate?

Angelina Belle:
If  you make and distribute a personal modified version SMF, you've made a fork, and you'll need to follow the rules in the license.

If you sign an SMF CLA and contribute your changes to the SMF project, then the team may or may not choose to incorporate the changes into SMF itself.

If you make a modification package, which simply contains instructions for modifying SMF, only the rules for making mods apply.

Isn't this going to create a bit of chaos?

I'm sure it has the potential to spawn great ideas and more options, but more options doesn't necessarily make things better :). Or maybe it does? I love SMF and the free forum software it provides me to host on my own site. When you get into modifications though it's a double edge sword. There are some outstanding mods out there that transforms the base software into something even more grand. On the other hand though each time a new version of SMF arrives the chances of those mods being supported dwindles.

There were released a lot of RC's and betas the last few years. But that time has past for now. Most mods working with the RC's should also work with 2.0 gold.


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