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--- Quote from: K@ ---What's the freakiest thing you have done?
Lived with two women, intimately, at the same time for five years. (LONG story)
--- End quote ---

The joys of youth? xD


--- Quote ---Have you ever broken a bone?
Surprisingly enough, no. Spent two months in a coma, though.
--- End quote ---

Wow, what happen?

It was during a war...

Cars v Motorbikes.

I was on the bike. :(

I overtook someone, who decided to turn right, into a driveway, without signalling.

My head hit the kerb. The splat-hat looked like a boiled egg that had been whacked with a spoon.

I woke up, in hospital, having my naughty-bits washed by a rather scrummy nurse.

The inevitable happened... ;)

The nurse smiled and said "Oh, you're awake, then?".

I sorta grinned, sheepishly, and said "Awake? Why, have I been asleep".

"Yeah, since April".

"April? What is it, now?"

"End of June".

Thats why my parents never allow me to drive bikes.

Glad that you(K@) recovered well.

Except my braincell. ;)


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