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@andershz: sorry, yes, you're right it's only in the paid version. Looks to me as though the paid subscription is still available at with the caveat that you probably won't get any support unless I can be bothered to do so (since Nao is not supporting it at all these days, and before anyone does the 'I paid for it and am entitled to support' war-dance, that's the heads-up: no support is guaranteed whatsoever unless I can be bothered to do so)

@igirisjin: I've not been aware of any malicious facility in SMF/Aeva, and if material is being embedded from outside your forum, it's up to that site to be malware-free - and when you mix dodgy codecs (which are a time-honoured method of serving malware) into the mix, it's almost certainly related to that and not to SMF/Aeva. (Correlation does not imply causation.)

I'll go on record saying the paid version of Aeva IS WELL WORTH THE $9.99 ... support or no support.

The drop down "Add an item / add an album" option alone is worth the ten bucks. 

Just get your french to english translation site up as you have to jump through some french language hoops to pay for and download the full version.

On behalf of Nao, thanks :)

Part of the hoop is the slightly botched way that SMF paid subs are handled - the language displayed for PayPal is language used by the person whose account it is, since Nao's French, the PayPal page is also French. I did patch that in Wedge many months ago but backporting that to SMF would be interesting these days.

The other part of the problem is that there is no way to have multiple-language anti-spam Q&A in Wedge, which is problematic given how the only area of Noisen that is English is the Aeva area, and the rest is all French and as such the Q&A is French too. I haven't yet found a way I'm happy with to provide multiple-language support for questions.

Well, there is a linked message on the preview for movies suggesting downloading a plugin to play the movie - If that isnt installed with Aeva where does it come from?
At the moment that is the closest possible connection,... and I did say it was a cautionary note and 'coincidence', even though any malicious code has only been a problem after clicking the plugin link on the aeva gallery display for the video.

That comes from the browser itself. Aeva merely indicates that content is of a certain type, if the browser has the plugin, it'll play, if not it'll request you install the relevant plugin. Sounds to me as though there's something else askew in terms of plugins.


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