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jQuery FTW!

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That should be fine.  As long as the license from the plugin permits redistribution in the license your modification will use, it shouldn't be any trouble.

jQuery is really fantastic. I'm currently exploring it.

More security holes?

Joshua Dickerson:

--- Quote from: GravuTrad on March 01, 2012, 01:59:22 PM ---More security holes?

--- End quote ---

I played with it for a while but decided not to use it.  I was looking at it for security reasons for a challenge page for a  mod I am updating.  Thought it would save some time.  After some research, I discovered that CloudFlare started with JQuery and then stopped using it for unknown security reasons.  Furthermore the JQuery code I saw was client-side and can be manipulated.  Though more difficult to implement, I opted for server-side php sprinkled with some small JS code.


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