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I currently am using the Ecology theme. I think its super cute and I really don't want to use another theme. But, I cannot for the life of me change the banner on the top. It says "Ecology theme by crimeS". Please tell me I am able to change that.


Simply replace the file Themes/Ecology_SMF2/images/smflogo.png with your own. :)

Bare with me. lol

Where is that code? And, what do I replace it with? A link from photo bucket?

There is no link like that. The only options I have are as follows:

Themes name
Themes URL
Themes Imagines URL
Themes directory

Is it possible that I cannot change it with this lay out?

Upload your new banner image to your website using your website control panel's file manager, or if you have that type of access ftp.  If you replace the existing smflogo.png file with your banner file it might well replace the logo you see on your site.

I don't know the specific theme and so the logo file might be called something different.   Right click on the website log image and it should tell you the properties include full file path and name of the image file which you can replace.

If your replacement image has a different pixel size to the replaced logo file you could get some weirdness with your forum layout.


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