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What can we do to help grow our 3PDs?

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--- Quote ---Theres also the fact that, we simply don't have the manpower to do this at the moment.  Who's problem is this? Well, it is my problem mostly.  There are a good number helping with support, but very few might be considered for a team position.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---[I do appreciate the support already given by smf'ers for my mods, and I'm sure other mod authors feel the same]
--- End quote ---

This is one of the problems.You shouldnt assume that the SMF team or a mod author are the only people who will try to answer thats the point. The thread I used for example wasnt answered by the team until it was effectively servered in terms of the replies.Even if SMF were not prepared to look at the issue ,it and others similar could be answered more tactfull.

If a mod author doesnt mind others answering it can alleviate a lot of burden if they have a few mods released like Karl for instance.Im not saying everything could be fixed but some of the basic stuff that Karl listed would be found by others or resolved if its just how to install ect.

Open a New board entitled Unofficial 3DP support so If people are willing to try to fix problems they can.If I make a mess of SMF its reinstalled and ok again but its my choice to try.You cannot police people on how or what they reply to or what they try on their install, you just make it clear if it gets messed up its not SMF's doing.

I have some ideas for pretty big addons for SMF and im sure others have ideas as well.But if something like Arcade is developed for SMF at least show the courtesy of allowing SMF users to try and resolve issues.Hundreds of threads get answered and resolved by non SMF staff a week already so whats the difference.

Its not a case of adding burden to the staff more of one that SMF should open up a bit to things other than itself.I dont expect any team member to need to do anything particulary bar answer any posts if they feel like as normal but it will give outside SMF sources a focal point here and also people who want SMF as the core to add other things to it not particularly thought of here.It would work like any post,if you dont know the answer you maybe suggest where you can find it on another site ect.Staff shouldnt at all feel pressured into answering sice it would be a kind of voluntary board for support.

I know what you guys are saying over SMF 2.0 and issues directly with SMF but just be that little bit welcoming to outside things even if kept at a distance with posts to explain its purpose.I love SMF and am still learning a lot but people like me are the makers of tommorow and anything I make will be for SMF. It is amazing some of the sites you see then see SMF at the bottom and think wow because some of the features are uber.

Dont sell yourselves short guys SMF can go far.  ;)

My only point which maybe I wasn't 100% clear.
My opinion is that EVEN if smf team members provide support for mods. It should STILL be done ONLY on via the Support Topic for that mod. Not creating other new topics.
It keeps all related posts together and related.

This is all good feedback, thanks guys.

I think I'm looking for something bigger than just boards and topics here on this forum/site, though.

Let me show an example from another project (Xoops):

I can, in just a few clicks, find a number of 3PD communities that develop Xoops-related products.  These have nothing to do with the Xoops team at all -- they operate independently offering Xoops modules/themes/extensions:

And many more.

Keep in mind that these sites are all independently owned and operated by 3PDs. 

How do we get SMF to that point?

@nightbre:  I see what you're saying and agree, but we don't and never have said that the community can't help each other out with such things, either mods nor support.

Perhaps i'm not fully seeing the point you are putting across?

The point is likes of arcade and Tiny portal are 3PD's  that have their own site on the internet but it should not make a difference if a problem is resolved here on SMF.Most of the replies say goto xxx site instead for support its not supported here.

--- Quote ---I can, in just a few clicks, find a number of 3PD communities that develop Xoops-related products.  These have nothing to do with the Xoops team at all -- they operate independently offering Xoops modules/themes/extensions:
--- End quote ---

Like I use eqdkp but their support forum is so poor it makes you cry.All the problems ive resolved with it have had the answers found on other sites bar its home one.So if i was to ask a question here and be told goto the official forums it would be easier to bang my head on a wall and hope the problem goes away.

--- Quote ---So, the simple question is:  What can Simple Machines do to help make your SMF-based 3PD projects grow?
--- End quote ---

These 3PD's were not neccacarily developed here but people using SMF will still look here for help when the creators site isnt answering problems because they are still SMF based.Im Saying show that SMF supports these creations, I know not officially but it would give a good impression and maybe tempt more shall we say proficient programmers to extend SMF via 3PD's.

If I as a single individual write for instance SMF auction portal.I set up a support site to my module.But I then get hundreds of support questions and struggle to answer them.I may be tempted not to make updated versions if I cant cope or just abandon it as some mods seem to do.This then leaves anyone using the module stuck to find any way of fixing it unless they can work it out themselves or find alternative info on the net.

Thats where SMF could bridge the gap in terms of showing willingness to help but not neccasarily as the official help.Maybe agree with the designers to answer problems here if they dont object.From what I have read most mod makers welcome help from others and I dont expect Large project makers would mind some unofficial help for some of the easier solutions.Although these projects are large standalones they were still written with the intention of SMF being the crux of it all.Some of these may end up going commercial once they have beta tested and get the confidence up to do so.


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