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SMFPacks SEO v1.0 - NIBOGO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Mod for your SMF Forum.PRO VERSION

LITE (THIS) Version Features:
o Sitemap
o XML Sitemap
o Number of Page on Page Title.
o Admin Panel to Enable and Customize Above Options.


* Master Switch to Disable Pretty Urls in All Forum
* Optionally Permanent Redirect (301) Old Urls to the New Urls Format.
* Easily Customize URLs Format of Boards, Topics and Profiles. (Ex. Select if boards would be b{board_id} or b{board_name}_{board_id}) from Admin Panel.
* Hierarchic URL Structure: URLs would follow a pattern, so you can easily go to the board of a topic just removing the topic part of the URL. Just like folders.
* Friendly Urls for Boards
* Friendly Urls for Topics
* Friendly Urls for Profiles
* Friendly Urls for Actions
* Friendly Urls for Attachments
* Limit URLs Lenght
* Parse acronyms on Urls
* Stopwords on URLs
* Custom StopwordsGoogle Analytics Integration:

* Google Analytics Graph on Admin Panel.
* Secure Google Analytics Integration in Admin.
* Easily integrate Google Analytics in your forum.
* Optionally track external links with Analytics.Sitemaps:

* Enable Sitemap.
* Enable Sitemap XML.
* Set Topics Showned per Page.
* Select if Sitemap link will be showned in Menu, Footer or Both.
* Ping Sitemap.Linksbacks & Pings:

* Linkback: Simple URL showned in first post to avoid illegal copy of content via RSS Feeds.
* Pingbacks: Pingbacks can be enabled to notify search engines about new content.
* Set Sitemap Ping Frequency.
* Enable Sitemap Pings for Google, Bing and Ask.Topics:

* Show Signature only once per page for Guests.
* Related Topics. (Using Fulltext on MySQL).
* Set the number of topics showned in related topics.
* Replace Previous and next Link in Threads with Topics Title.
* Easily add Page Number on Message Index title.
* Easily add Page Number on Topic title.
* Customize Topic Title with some Pre-defined vars.Posted Urls:

* Redirect all external posted links to Protect Privacy and outgoing links
* Optionally add page titles to external links to create keyword-rich links.
* Blacklist for above option, in case that some websites may have issues with it.
* NoFollow tag added to all posted URLs
* Whitelist for above option, to excluse those websites from that tag.
* Blacklist, as above, but those websites will always have that tag.Meta Tags:

* Dynamic Meta Keywords and Description in Topics, Message Index and Forum Index.
* Set the maximun lenght of meta tags
* Set a default meta description, when others aren't available.
* Set a default meta keywords, when others aren't available.
* Customize, with Pre-defined commands, Profiles Meta Description
* Easily set copyright, audience, author, language and publisher tags
* Optionally force Search Engines Spiders to ignore description from Yahoo's Directory and ODP DirectoryError Pages:

* Optionally Prevent indexation of error pages
* Set what to show in a 404 Error: Custom or a Pre-Created Page.
* Server Errors(404, 403...) will be showned in Forum LayoutAcronym Parser:

* Customized Acronyms, really useful to increase relevancy of content, replacing words like SMF with Simple Machines Forums.
* Create unlimitied acronyms.
* Optionally set if only whole words will be parsed.
* Optionally ignore case when parsing acronyms.
* URLs can be parsed too.Social Bookmarks:

* Allow Social Bookmarks per Post.
* Allow Social Bookmarks per Topic.
* Optionally integrate Facebook Like on Topics.
* Enable/Disable each site (Twitter, Facebook,, FUrl and others).Misc:

* Set an specific theme exclusive for Guests and Robots in that way SEO themes will be available to Search Engines.
* Edit .htaccess file directly from Admin Panel.
* Implementation of nofollow tag, noindex meta tag, and 404/403 headers in specific sites where they must be.
* SEO Warning: Warnings about bad functionalities, broken links, and settings that aren't activated that could increase SEO on your website.
Manual Edit:

Simple database installer just upload the db_install.php file and browse it using your web browser:

- English/English UTF8

- 2.0

+ = New Features | ! = Bug Fixing | @ = Change | - = Feature Removed | * = Important Info

Version 1.0 - 23/June/2011
* Modification Released

Very nice!

Congratulations!  :)

Ron Sebastian:
it is a great post . you describe the things very well. it is a great post.

^^^ lol @ robot :)

Nibogo, the screenshots of the PRO version doesn't work...
I'm interested in this mod, especially this part: "Hierarchic URL Structure: URLs would follow a pattern, so you can easily go to the board of a topic just removing the topic part of the URL. Just like folders."

Do you have a demo somewhere where I can see how it (all the features) works ?


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