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No...that's OK. My eyes are crossing already. Sorry. I'm just beginning to know a TINY bit about all this stuff. As long as something works when I install it, I'm happy. One of these days I'd like to get some real training, but right now I'm doing all right to just keep up with the minimum--no time for learning extras at this point. Thanks, though, and I'm glad you figured out something to help your own situation better. :-)

i have a problem this
Error in database: Unknown column 'thumb.attachmentType' in 'order clause'
Riga: 797
Can you help me?

Is there a version of this that works with SMF 1.1.8?  Or a different mod that does the same thing?

I'm not having any problems with 1.1.8.--everything seems to be working just fine since I updated.

It will not work if you have Integrate Lightbox.


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