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still needs work

installing this completely made my layout go beyond the limit of the screen (width wise)

so i had to uninstall

Which part caused that?
Going to the admin section of global headers and footers? or the whole forum?

well im using tiny portal as well so that could have been why it didnt work properly

the whole forum and admin section - every page grew like twice their width

so was forced to uninstall

eventhough its a good idea for a mod

Global Headers and Footers v 1.1
1.1.RC2 - Default theme

1.when i put code in headers box and save shows ok in forum but dissapears from headers box, i don't know if this is normal cause in my test forum code remains in box after submitting..

2.Can i have headers and footers show only in index.template and not globally ?

EDIT: I have noticed that headers show up in SMF Radio window, so it`s useless now

I installed on rc3.   I don't see any add'l options about header and footer in my admin section... where is it that you are able to set these header and footer options????


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