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[3.0] Full UTF8 support

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Let me put it this way:

ISO-8859-1 is not compatible with everything and is bound to cause internationalization problems.
UTF-8 is compatible with everything (including the scripts one traditionally uses ISO-8859-1 for).

Joomla is a paradigm of a major open source project gone full and only UTF-8. It is perhaps the most popular open source project to date.

My question is not whether one should use UTF-8 or not; rather, why it has been so long and it has not been implemented yet, and, when does one plan to do so.

Let's focus on the future, because the future is already here.

Angelina Belle:
Everything I have heard tells me SMF 3.0 will have full UTF-8 support.

So part of the future includes how to properly convert existing forums to UTF-8, with as few errors as possible.

I converted mine 4-5 years ago with minor issues (without the SMF converter). I think the current built-in converter is quite good anyway.

Angelina Belle:
That is excellent to hear.

What tips should we offer to mod writers who will have to rewrite to handle UTF8 properly?

Future-proofness (as close as they can get to immortality) instead of oblivion. One mod I had to "rewrite" myself: I just had to add a single line in the SQL code.


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